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So You’re wondering how to lose love handles,

Hi, My Name is Joe Bronski.

Like many today, I struggled with weight loss. I lost a few pounds, and then they would soon return as I fell back into old habits. None of the methods I tried in the past addressed the most troublesome issue. I was starting to believe nothing would work, no matter how hard I worked at it.
I am happy to report I did find the ideal solution. I want to share my experiences with you, and show you how to lose love handles.

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Dieting Was Unsuccessful

One mistake I made was thinking a weight loss diet would solve the problem. I tried a number of popular diets, diet pills and supplements, and even tried to manage on so few calories that it was close to starvation. The love handles would not go away.

I learned stubborn body fat will not disappear from dieting. Not only did I feel ill and hungry, I noticed a loss of muscle tone and strength. I found that shedding pounds does not affect those frustrating fat deposits on a person’s waistline.
Some people refer to it as muffin top, but there is nothing cute about it. I could not wear my favorite clothes because the excess fat was embarrassing. Poor self-esteem over fat deposits often led me to eat even more. When no diet I tried produced the results I wanted, I started to believe it was hopeless. I just did not know how to lose love handles.

Exercise Did Not Help

Exercise was my next approach. I bought exercise videos, went to the gym once or twice, and tried some spot reduction exercises I found on the internet.
You may not be surprised to hear exercise was not helpful. I felt a little healthier, but the fat stayed on my waistline.

I read some articles on the reasons fat does not respond to spot reduction exercise. While targeting exercise to one specific part of the body does not work, this is especially true for waistline fat. Spot reduction is a myth you should not believe. If you want to know how to lose love handles, spot reduction is not the solution.

“Here is a video that explains the myth of spot reduction “

The subcutaneous fat is not affected by exercise. I wish I had known this before I paid for a gym membership and spent all that money on exercise videos. There was more information that interested me, too. I learned this particular type of fat is not only unattractive, it can also increase health risks.

Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight?!!!!!

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My Starting Weight. I weighed a Whopping 269 lbs!

If you are like me and want to know how to lose love handles, you have heard many myths about weight loss and why it is so difficult. I had to learn much of what I believed was simply not true.

Over the years, I thought my excess weight was due to genetics, a thyroid problem, or the inability to control the amount of food I ate. I believed fad diets and strenuous exercise would be a permanent solution.

Fortunately, I finally obtained accurate information. I learned how stress can lead to overeating, and how to deal with the stress in my life. I no longer feel the need to binge on junk food or give in to cravings because of stress.

I learned an easy method for controlling portions at mealtime. Meals do not have to be super-sized servings, or measuring and weighing everything before I put it on the plate.

I started learning about food additives, and how they contribute to weight gain. This information alone helped me reassess my daily diet. I was able to make some changes to avoid these unhealthy additives.

Many of us who have weight problems consider snacking a routine part of our lives. This was another topic I had to address when I decided to take weight loss seriously. When I started making healthy changes in my life, frequent snacking became a habit of the past.

If some of the myths sound familiar to you, you can benefit from everything I learned. You will see how to lose love handles with an approach that will work. You can have a slim, youthful waistline, and be rid of your muffin top permanently.

After Using the Fat loss factor system, my weight was a nice, slim 158! - how to lose love

After Using the Fat loss factor system, my weight was a nice, slim 158!

What Is The Fat Loss Factor? – I Finally figured out how to lose love handles

After years of trying methods that did not produce results, I found a system called the Fat Loss Factor. It bypassed the popular myths, and focused on the real reasons losing weight can be so difficult. It helped me make important changes so I could achieve results.

As the system was developed by a wellness professional, I knew it was a healthy approach. I was delighted to find so much useful information in one e-book. The 7 basic tips covered many of the questions I had about losing weight.

There are bonuses in the Fat Loss Factor package, too. I received a guide for goal setting, an exercise log, a shopping guide, videos and guides for workouts, and more. The package was all I needed to take my first step toward a slimmer, healthier body.

While losing pounds and waistline fat was certainly an accomplishment, there has been something more important about this amazing system. I am healthier than I was before, and the weight has stayed off. I will never need diet pills or other weight reduction products again.

This is because the Fat Loss Factor is not a fad diet. It includes a nutrition plan and an exercise plan that keep the weight off. As long as I continue eating healthy foods, and participating in moderate exercise, I can maintain my ideal weight and health for life.

When I was overweight and my friends were not, I felt I was the only person struggling with these problems. I had so many experiences with failure that I was ready to give up entirely. If you have been battling excess weight and fat, the solution that worked for me can work for you.

How To Lose Love handles – The Solution

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The system is not complicated at all. You can start by watching the video, or order the package. Whether you are overweight or only want to know how to lose love handles, it is the only system you need. When you follow the system like I did, you can shed unwanted fat and pounds. You too can have a slim body and better health.

Jospeh B.

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